Frequently Asked Questions

What Is GoLiveWith?

GoLiveWith is a social networking service that helps you broadcast messages and share your thoughts live to the world. With an intuitive platform, customizable channels, and automatic social sharing, video streaming has never been this easy.

How Can I Use It?

Whether you are a yoga instructor, physician, parent, wedding planner, golf pro or budding songster, you have a unique message to share. GoLiveWith makes finding and engaging your audience simple. Here’s how easy it is to go live and reach the world.

  1. Log in, create a profile and connect your social media accounts
  2. Select a broadcast type
  3. Pick a category to help audiences understand your content
  4. Hit the big red button and start your broadcast!

What Is My GoLiveWith Channel?

GoLiveWith is your channel to the world. The best business and personal relationships are built over time. Unlike other broadcasting services that assign unique links that often expire, the link to your GoLiveWith channel won’t change.

Is There a Fee to Broadcast?

No, there are no fees for broadcasting or watching any broadcast on GoLiveWith. The GoLiveWith site was designed to help you reach your audience, live, with no costs or strings attached.

How Can I Promote My GoLiveWith Channel and Broadcasts?

GoLiveWith users get their own live channel URLs (e.g.,[GW1] ), thank you can link to on any website or social media profile. We also provide a “follow” button that can be added to your website. But, you don’t have to have a website to use GoLiveWith! We recommend sharing on social media to ensure already existing followers know about your broadcast. That’s why every broadcast page has an option to send your social media followers a note that you’re ready to go live!

Is GoLiveWith Searchable? How Do I Find Broadcasts?

You can browse through broadcast categories with the “discover” function. When you find people or brands you’re interested in, just follow them to receive broadcast notifications.

What Other Cool Features Are You Working on?

Alas, the next big things to come from GoLiveWith are a big secret! :) GoLiveWith is committed to continuously rolling out great features to help you reach your live audience in innovative ways. We’ve got some big plans for the future! In the meantime, if you have suggestions about features or improvements, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Us!


Can I Set up a Broadcast That Will Go Live Later?

GoLiveWith allows you to broadcast via live stream or to record a broadcast and publish it at a later date. To publish at a specific time, select the “later” option to control exactly when your broadcast becomes available.

Does GoLiveWith Only Do Video?

No! We’re much more than just video. At GoLiveWith, you are always in control. Each time you broadcast, you can decide whether to share via streaming video, voice-only, or text-based chat.

What’s the Difference Between a Public And a Private Broadcast?

There are two types of broadcasts on GoLiveWith: public and private. Public broadcasts are visible to anyone on the Web. They are categorized by topic and easy for audiences to discover. Private broadcasts are available by invitation only. When you create the broadcast, you’ll get a link to share and invite followers. You can send that out through email, social media or any channel you like.

Can I Broadcast From My Mobile Device?

Broadcasting on GoLiveWith is done from a computer with a web cam. We find that stationary devices produce better quality video and better capture the audience. We think the Web deserves really great video broadcasting experiences, and right now that’s done better on desktops.

We do, however, understand that there are times when mobile broadcasting is necessary and we will be launching mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android soon. We want to make sure our audience doesn’t have a bad experience, so we’re busy testing these apps to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Can I Download a Copy of My Broadcast?

Yes! We recommend downloading your video at the end of each broadcast. GoLiveWith makes this easy! Be sure to click on the link in your broadcast history, which allows you to download a copy to your desktop.

How Do I Name My Broadcast?

The broadcast title is the first field on the “Broadcast” form. To name your broadcast, just click on the field and start typing.

What Are the Categories For?

The ability to categorize your broadcasts is just of the unique features of GoLiveWith. To help audiences find your videos, we provide more than 350 categories for your channel. Once your channel is set up, you can select one category and one subcategory for each broadcast.

What If No Category Fits My Broadcast?

It is recommend that you select a category and/or subcategory that best fits your broadcast so that it’s easier for people to find you. However, If you’re unable to find a category you may select the checkbox that says “If you don’t see any suitable matches click here”. If you’d like to recommend a category or subcategory you may also contact us.

Settings and Account

How Do I Change or Reset My Password?

To change your password, go to the “My Profile” tab and click “Change Password.” You’ll be asked for the old password, and to enter your new password twice for verification.

How Do I Change My Profile Photo?

To add or update your profile photo: Go to Settings > Profile and click on the camera image in the round circle to the left of email address. You will be able to upload a photo directly from your computer.

How Do I Change My Cover Image?

To change your channel cover image: Go to the Dashboard. Below the GoLiveWith logo on the right you will see three dots. Click these to get options to Change or Delete your cover image.

How Do I Connect My Social Media Accounts?

We recommend that you connect your GoLiveWith channel to your social media accounts. This will ensure that your followers on other social networks are aware of your broadcast. However, we don’t automatically send out notifications for every broadcast unless you elect to do so. Each time you begin a new broadcast, you’ll have the option of sending notifications. To connect to your social media accounts, go to the “Connected Accounts” tab. Here, you can select which social media accounts you’d like to connect. You’ll be asked to enter your social media account passwords. Please note that GoLiveWith will never send notifications without your permission.

When it’s time to broadcast, icons for your linked social media accounts will appear on your console under the “Send Automatic Notifications” heading. Simply click on the social sharing options you’d like to use for the broadcast and we’ll do the rest. You can change your linked social media accounts at any time by clicking on the “manage accounts” button.